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about us.

From the scale of a small pen to the size of a city, design affects our culture and our lifestyles in an almost imperceptible manner. 

From issues like street safety and infrastructural deficits, to apprehensions of environmental awareness vs the economy and even social concerns such as outdoor activity of kids, everything can become better through conscientious design and meaningful planning.


Studio UrbanSeed is an architectural firm with the vision of bringing positive and lasting change to our way of living through design interventions in our environment. 


Our team.

Himanshu Original
Himanshu Saluja

As a believer in Living Design, Himanshu pursues the philosophy of improving lifestyles through Architecture Design.
An Architect since 2010, Himanshu has experience in designing commercial offices, retail outlets and residences.
He also has a Master's Degree in Planning with a few Master-plans under his belt.

Sunder cropped
Sunder Malik

With an extensive construction management experience, Sunder combines 'hands on' construction background with formal Architectural training and leadership to bring dream projects to life.

He has a broad experience ranging from residential projects, to commercial office and retail spaces, to large scale industrial and institutional ventures.

Himanshu Saluja


Sunder Malik